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“Death by Circumcision—Religious Freedom or Criminally Negligent Homicide?”

Full article here: http://intactamerica.wordpress.com/2012/03/06/death-by-circumcision-religious-freedom-or-criminally-negligent-homicide/ On March 3, 2012, the New York Daily News reported the death this past September of a two-week-old baby boy, following an ultra-Orthodox Jewish circumcision ritual. The report came after the newspaper pressed Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn for information, evidently having heard about the death from other sources. The New … Continue reading

Alexithymia and Circumcision Trauma: A Preliminary Investigation

From the link: http://www.mensstudies.com/content/2772r13175400432/?p=a7068101fbdd48819f10dd04dc1e19fb&pi=4 Abstract This preliminary study investigates what role early trauma might have in alexithymia acquisition for adults by controlling for male circumcision. Three hundred self-selected men were administered the Toronto Twenty-Item Alexithymia Scale checklist and a personal history questionnaire. The circumcised men had age-adjusted alexithymia scores 19.9 percent higher than the intact … Continue reading

Male circumcision and sexual function in men and women

“CONCLUSIONS: Circumcision was associated with frequent orgasm difficulties in Danish men and with a range of frequent sexual difficulties in women, notably orgasm difficulties, dyspareunia and a sense of incomplete sexual needs fulfilment. Thorough examination of these matters in areas where male circumcision is more common is warranted.” Further info here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=21672947

Global Survey of Circumcision Harm

“The Global Survey of Circumcision Harm (GSCH) was launched because the medical community has never investigated the long-term adverse physical, sexual, emotional or psychological consequences of infant/childhood circumcision on the health of adult men. This is due, in part, to many men with such harm not being comfortable enough to speak with others about these … Continue reading


“Circumcision is a euphemism for genital reduction surgery or genital mutilation, performed by medically-licensed or unqualified practitioners for various reasons. It is important to define it honestly, for that is how the mind interprets it, with or without superimposed denials, explanations and intellectualisations. Many circumcisions are performed on children, who, by definition are not able … Continue reading

Effects of male circumcision on female arousal and orgasm

“While vaginal dryness is considered an indicator for female sexual arousal disorder,1,2 male circumcision may exacerbate female vaginal dryness during intercourse.3 O’Hara and O’Hara reported that women who had experienced coitus with both intact and circumcised men preferred intact partners by a ratio of 8.6 to one.4 Most women (85.5%) in that survey reported that … Continue reading

A costly covenant: ritual circumcision and urinary tract infection.

“Febrile male neonates who have undergone ritual circumcision have a high prevalence of UTI and must be evaluated and treated accordingly.” Source:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20929075

10 Reasons Why I Didn’t Circumcise My Boys

A mother explains her reasons: http://www.jobdescriptionmommy.com/job-description-mommy/2010/10/10-reasons-why-i-didnt-circumcise-my-boys.html

Circumcision Trauma