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Male Circumcision: A Legal Affront

A submission in December 1996 to the Law Commission for England and Wales in response to Consultation Paper Number 139 – Consent in the Criminal Law: http://www.cirp.org/library/legal/price-uklc/ Advertisements

Royal Dutch Medical Association Launches Anti-Circumcision Campaign

“The debate on circumcision of boys will never be silenced, and it is now clear that in this debate, religious groups are not untouched. Among religious leaders, there is therefore the challenge, on pain of alienation from their own supporters, to take the time to look into a transition to alternative initiation rites with no … Continue reading

Time to ban male circumcision?

“If passed, article 50 will ban genital cutting for boys in San Francisco, with profound religious implications for Jews and Muslims. But isn’t it time to oppose all circumcision?” Full article here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/law/2011/jun/14/circumcision-ban-row-san-francisco

Intactivists Push for State, Federal Bans on Infant Circumcision

“Intactivists from across the country are once again calling on state and federal lawmakers to prohibit circumcision of boys. Regional directors from the children’s rights group MGMbill.org submitted proposed bills to more than 2,800 legislators yesterday, urging them to extend the existing ban on forced female genital cutting to include males.” Full article here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/mgmbill/pr22/prweb4960504.htm

San Francisco’s attempt to outlaw circumcision of minors and how it advances the cause of respecting the bodies of all children

“Those who say banning male circumcision crosses a line that banning female circumcision does not, need to confront their bias. If removing a foreskin without consent is ok, why isn’t it ok to remove portions of a girl’s clitoral hood without consent or even in the case of older girls with consent?” Full article here:  … Continue reading

A man’s stolen pleasure

“The foreskin. Who would’ve thought that such a small piece of skin would be surrounded by such fervent debate? "To cut or not to cut?" seems to be the soul-searching question for many expectant parents when they find out they’re having a baby boy. But is it really a decision for parents to make, or … Continue reading

10 Reasons Why I Didn’t Circumcise My Boys

A mother explains her reasons: http://www.jobdescriptionmommy.com/job-description-mommy/2010/10/10-reasons-why-i-didnt-circumcise-my-boys.html

Nurses speak out against circumcision

The following article was written several years ago, but the issues raised are still valid. “The title of this article was not taken from some political piece reprinted from The Washington Post. Nor was it borrowed from the official U.N. list of countries that are still committing human rights violations brutal enough to make you … Continue reading

Circumcised and hated it

For anyone who erroneously thinks that every circumcised man is happy that he was robbed of his foreskin as an infant, here is something to disprove that notion. The following link is a compilation of various famous men who resent/resented being circumcised, as well as contributions from other men who have expressed how the genital … Continue reading

The Unkindest Cut?