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Circumcision: A Source of Jewish Pain

“Currently, circumcision is not universal among Jews either inside or outside the United States. The Circumcision Resource Center, a nonprofit educational organization, knows of hundreds of Jews in Europe, South America, and in the United States who either have not or would not circumcise a son. Even in Israel some Jews do not circumcise, and there is an organization that publicly opposes circumcision.3 The purpose of this article is to coherently explain a few of the contemporary reasons for the increasing doubts some Jews have about circumcision. Then I will apply Torah law and Jewish values to these reasons.”

Full essay here:  http://www.jewishcircumcision.org/spectator.htm


About circumcisionwisdom

Information and links about the brutal culture of cutting known as circumcision (genital mutilation). What parents don't know WILL hurt their babies.


One thought on “Circumcision: A Source of Jewish Pain

  1. Glad to contribute a Jewish intactivist perspective to the conversation!

    Throughout Europe, the former Soviet Union, and South America, many Jews either never circumcised, or quietly stopped circumcising, believing it to be a violent pre-modern custom with obvious ethical problems. In America, some Jews don’t circumcise. But there is a movement of Jews who are replacing circumcision with a peaceful religious ritual that welcomes the child without violating their body. It is gaining recognition because of wonderful bloggers like you! Judaism is an evolving religion, that is focused on human ethics.

    Here is even more information about Jews who are rejecting circumcision!

    A Jewish Intactivist Parenting Blog

    Jews Against Circumcision

    Kahal – Israeli Jewish Intactivists

    My Son, the Little Jew with a Foreskin by Stacey Greenberg

    Posted by Jewish Intactivist | August 9, 2011, 1:39 am

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