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Functions of the foreskin

Does Circumcision Decrease Sexual Sensitivity? [Yes!]

“The effects of routine infant circumcision on penile sensation and sexual function are significant, one reason foreskin restoration is becoming more common.

That circumcision would reduce sexual sensation makes sense biologically. Stripping the glans of its protective foreskin effectively turns it from an internal to an external organ. Over time the originally moist, soft mucosa becomes pale as the skin builds up thicker layers to protect the delicate surface from abrasion against clothing. While circumcision results in initial hypersensitivity of the glans, over time the keratinisation of its surface makes the glans less sensitive.

Removing the foreskin also, not surprisingly, means that the circumcised man can no longer enjoy sensations from the specialised nerves amputated during the procedure. Nor can the foreskin function as intended during sex, providing gliding and rolling sensations a circumcised man necessarily lacks.

As circumcision has become the norm in America, the sexual effects of circumcision have been downplayed, if not outright dismissed. Advocates of circumcision point to a number of studies in which circumcised men reported being happy with the procedure or feeling no less sensitive after circumcision.

However, these studies are methodologically questionable.”



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Information and links about the brutal culture of cutting known as circumcision (genital mutilation). What parents don't know WILL hurt their babies.


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